Corporate Gifts

Studies have shown that having flowers at workplace generate long-term positive effect on our emotions that create joy, reduce stress and therefore increase productivity.

At Flower Accents we strive to provide your business with designs that reflect your corporate style. We always use the freshest top quality flowers that guarantee to last the entire display week. 

We will work with you to select the flowers and vases/containers that best suit your needs and room schemes. Your arrangements will then arrive fresh every week and old ones taken back to our shop.

If your business is looking for longer lasting with low maintenance solution to decorate your corporate area, tropical planters and orchids are the way to go.

We will work with you to select the plants and containers that best suit your needs in the desire area. Our team at Flower Accents will design and install tropical planters based on your requirement & budget. We can also provide regular scheduled maintenance if requested.

Contact us to discuss your corporate needs.